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With no caving events likely for the near future, we have decided it is time for a project that needed a special circumstance to happen.


Our First listing from Emiy's collection. Be sure to check other collction categories to see the full list of books being offered in stages throughout the year. 


Speleobooks owner Emily Davis has been in the caving book business since before she acquired Speleobooks.  Through the decades, she has been in the nearly unequaled position to buy, sell and collect caving books from around the world.  Now more than a thousand titles sit in her personal collections.  With time forced on our hands, we have decided now is the moment to move ahead with offering this treasure trove back to the caving community.  


The books will be offered in a series of listings at irregular but not infrequent intervals.  We will announce each new listing as they occur.  The listings may vary in size and theme, and some themes are bound to repeat as we pull books from the shelves and create listings.  This is a once in a lifetime offering which will stretch through the coming weeks and months as long the books and our mutual enforced idleness lasts.  First up and just for a starters:  A collection featuring picture books and many large format books.  There will be much more to follow in coming weeks and months.


We look forward to seeing many of you at caving events in the future with our normal business setup.  For now, we are sharing the past and offering lifetime upgrades on caving book collections through this ongoing book sale.   

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