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Bat Kaleidoscope (Pandemic #3)

Bat Kaleidoscope (Pandemic #3)   

Price: $750.00 

By Emily Davis.   85 x 85 inches. 2020. A simple patchwork block, used to explore different design and colors using fabric from Emily's stash, creating the distincitve kaleidoscope pattern that shows to such good effect in this quilt.


Stuck home and not travelling to events because of the pandemic, Speleobooks owner Emily Davis has been spending a great deal of time in her sewing room finding interesting and new patterns, unused fabrics in the stash and creative ideas to work with.  The result has been some unusual and original designs.   With no NSS Arts Salon to hang the quilts in and no bat meeting where we usually show these, here they are.  Now available for purchase.   Remember there is free shipping during conventioin week. 

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