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Biospeleology: The Biology of Cavernicolous Animals

Biospeleology: The Biology of Cavernicolous Animals   

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Used, first edition 1965. English. Pergamon Press. By A Vandel. Discusses the fundamental concepts in understanding the biological make up of cave-dwelling animals. The title aims to relate the subterranean world as a habitat for organisms. The first part of the text tackles basic concerns, such as the concept of the subterranean world and cavernicoles, along with the history and research concerns in biospeleology. Next, the selection enumerates the subterranean flora and fauna, along with the geographical distribution and ecology of cavernicoles. The next two parts detail the physiology and behavior of cavernicoles, while the last part tackles the evolution of cavarnicoles. The book will be of great interest to zoologists, biologists, and ecologists who wish to gain a better understanding of the biological properties of subterranean organisms. Autographed "With the author's compliment".

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