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Caves of sky, a journey into the heart of the glaciers - Product Image
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Caves of sky, a journey into the heart of the glaciers   

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In 2004, "Caves of sky, a journey into the heart of the glaciers" came out, edited by Giovanni Badino, Antonio De Vivo and Leonardo Piccini. The book, published in Italian, English and Spanish, and sponsored by UNESCO for its importance from the ecological-environmental point of view, represents a unique also from the editorial point of view. It is in fact printed in tri-color: a technique that, halfway between black and white and four-color, offers an absolutely not obvious approach to images. Glaciers are the most ephemeral part of the landscape, the only fragments of geology capable of showing variations in the short time of a human life. On the other hand, they are formed by the accumulation of ancient snowfalls, and therefore they are the most evident and stable witness of the meteorological vicissitudes. A piece of sky that plows the mountains. It has been known for a long time that the rivers that flow over them sink into blue chasms, getting lost in the depths of the ice, but only recently the glaciospeleologists have learned to follow them, slowly reconstructing the complex internal structure of the glaciers. These caves, changing like clouds but at the same time stable forms, like whirlpools in a river, are of extraordinary beauty, abysses carved into a fragment of the sky. This book tells them. One hundred and fifty-six pages, hard cover, full of photos and insights.

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