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Diamond Caverns: Jewel of Kentucky's Underground

Diamond Caverns: Jewel of Kentucky's Underground   

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Stan D. Sides. 2007. 22 pp. 61⁄2 x 10.pb The story of a historic show cave adjacent to Mammoth Cave National Park. The cave's profuse glistening formations distinguished it from the lengthy dry passages of Mammoth Cave, leading to its popularity as a visitor attraction for nearly 150 years. The geologic story of Diamond Caverns is identical to that of Mammoth Cave. The sandstone layer capping the Mammoth Cave plateau restricts water flow into the underlying passages. This caprock has eroded away at Diamond Caverns, resulting in deposition of extensive formations in Diamond Caverns. This book, loaded with dozens of beautiful color photographs, outlines the rich history of this remarkable show cave, introduces the geology of the immediate area of the cave, and invites the reader to savor another aspect of the beauty and uniqueness of the Mammoth Cave region. Today, historic Diamond Caverns is the second oldest show cave in the Central Kentucky region, and forth oldest operation commercial cave in the United States. It is located within the Mammoth Cave National Park International Biosphere Reserve.

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