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Duck This!!! - Dangerous Dick and the Duckbusters - Product Image
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Duck This!!! - Dangerous Dick and the Duckbusters   

Price: $17.00 

And now, the Duckbuster's Resounding Triquel! - Duck This!!

Play List

Rockin' at the Cavers' Stomp (5:56) - we wanted to leave our fans with one straight-ahead cavin' party song, and here it is!!

Mama Don't Allow (4:16) - what mama doesn't know will never hurt her!!

The Ballad of Bastard Crawl (4:29) - an accurate recollection of a real event....... remember the cover photo from "In Too Deep"??

The Drunken Caver (Tune traditional, new lyrics) (3:41) - various ways of dealing with a not-uncommon problem!

Dilapidated Cavin' Equipment Blues (David Knopf) (6:07) - when the gear and the bank balance give up the ghost at the same time...............

Call Me When It Goes! (3:08) - big thanks to Pat Shaw for allowing us to poke fun at his standard response to invitations to join a digging crew!!


Jingle Pot Road (3:52) - if ever there was a road along which a nice deep pot should be located, this is it!!

The Call of the Karst (3:52) - we've all heard it in our own ways. Here's how Dick and the gang hear it in musical terms.

Captain Calcite and the Stalbusters (7:33) - even Dangerous Dick & the Duckbusters have their antithesis. Captain Calcite & Co. fit the bill ........

Speleo Secrets (3:42) - when it comes to secrecy, the CIA has nothing on the average caver!!

The Tall Tale (2:52) - even Dick had trouble believing this one!!

The Caves of My Young Days (4:15) - a look back at those far -off days when the world was young and the caves were new ................

Kentucky Fried Cavin' Man Blues (4:27) - this guy really exists!! We won't reveal his name, but his initials are Dale Chase!!

The King of Cavers (4:02) - think you're a pretty hot caver?? Think again .................

Cavers to the Core - finale (1:37) - we couldn't close out the cycle without one last crack at what has become Dangerous Dick's theme song!

Caving with Clinton (11:07) - a musical caving trip played on a collection of antique flutes made by our favorite Irish flute player and flute maker John Clinton (1809 - 1864). The waiting cave, the hike in, the descent, the return to the surface and the trip to the pub are all there, and at the end the cave waits once more ......

Dang You, Dangerous Dick!! (Steve Boehm) (2:42) - the nicest compliment that we ever received! OK, Steve, we can take a hint.............!!

All selections written by Adrian C. Duncan except where indicated.

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Schoharie, NY 12157
Phone: 518 295 7978