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Karst and Caves of Myanmar, BHB Vol. 39 SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

Karst and Caves of Myanmar, BHB Vol. 39 SPECIAL ORDER ITEM   

Price: $25.00 

130 pp., colour maps, many surveys; Berlin 2010. Michael Laumanns (Editor). Everything on the caves and the karst of Burma. Descriptions of over 280 underground sites, including man-made underground temples. ALL available cave surveys, many of which are published for the first time. Has location maps, an in-depth bibliography as well as a synoptic list of caves according to provinces. The compilation also has chapters on cave archaeology, and biospeleology, including cave-dwelling bats. In English language with a German and French abstract. Myanmar is still one of the "blank spots" on the speleological world map. The difficult political situation in the country and the restricted access to areas along its borders to Thailand, Laos and India have made only a few speleological expeditions possible so far. However, over the years several investigative projects were carried out with their results scattered in several publications. Especially in most recent times several expeditions were held. This volume aims to give a complete overview about the stand of speleological exploration of Myanmar. The results of all previous cave projects are presented to provide a solid basis for planning future explorations. This compilation also strives to align erroneous locations, name transcription problems as well as double denominations assigned to the same caves -- all of which occurred in the literature. Furthermore a biospeleological overview is presented, including the bats of Myanmar.

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