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Natural Bridges of Calaveras County

Natural Bridges of Calaveras County   

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The Natural Bridges have become one of the most popular attractions of California's Calaveras County.  These two caves were formed by a process distinctly different from most caves, as chronicled in the chapter by Geologist Bruce Rogers, and shown on detailed surveys made by the first two authors.  They have been attracting visitors since the days of the Gold Rush, and the fascinating history of those days of yore are chronicled in a historical writeup by historian Daniel Snyder, complete with rare illustrations of the Bridges.  The main section consists of over 60 full color images of the Bridges taken by Dave Bunnell, a professional cave photographer, who resides in the local area.  Many of these full page images use multiple flash techniques to fully illuminate the dark interiors of the caves.  A three-page guide to the Spring flowers found along the trail rounds out the book. By David Bunnell, Daniel Snyder and Bruce Rogers.  SB, 72 pp.

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