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SPAR - Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual

SPAR - Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual   

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SPAR - Expedition and Small Party Rescue Manual. 600 pages double spiral bound. More than 1000 illustrations and photographs. The skills and techniques presented in this manual have also been referred to as Small Party Self Rescue, or simply, Self Rescue. The book covers a set of assessments, skills, and techniques that a small team of cavers can use to assist an injured member of their own party without the reliance or assistance from outside resources/teams. While written in the context of caving, these skills work in other environments. They are equally useful to mountaineers, rescue personnel, fire-rescue, rope access, arborists, and military/police personnel dealing with specialized situations where minimal gear, urgency, remoteness, and sub-optimal anchor situations exist. Topics addressed in the manual include: Expedition Planning, SPAR Decision Making, SPAR Medical Considerations, Climbing Systems, Alpine SRT Haul Systems, Small Party Patient Evacuation, Water Rescue Considerations, Contingency,Anchors And More...

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