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Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave

Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave   

Price: $7.95 

Colleen O'Conner Olson and Charles Hanion. 2002. 7 drawings by Roger W. Brucker. 92 pp. 51/2 x 81/2 As you enter the world's longest cave you cannot help but wonder about scary stories. Two centuries of tourists and explorers--some of whom got lost, saw or heard the unexplainable, or just wanted to tell a good tale--cannot leave a cave without stories. Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave is a collection of nineteenth and twentieth century fiction, historical and more recent first hand accounts of unusual experiences by National Park Service employees, cave explorers, and scientists. "These eerie tales and believable accounts may have you thinking twice be- fore entering a cave and will have you looking back over your shoulder after you arrive." --Troy Taylor, President, American Ghost Society "Scary Stories offers more than simple tales; a feeling of history permeates the pages. It's a nicely produced, well-priced paperback that any caver will enjoy." --Chris Howes, Editor, Descent

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