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Sky Prints Of Bats Youth Shirt

Sky Prints Of Bats Youth Shirt   

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Sky prints of bats on a high quality 100% cotton pre-shrunk navy t-shirt.   Printed using environmentally friendly water based ink.  Bats glow in the dark.  Featuring Vampire Bat (Mexico, Central and South America), Hoary Bat (North, Central, and South America. Hawaii). Tri-colored Bat (eastern North America, Honduras), Lyle's Flying Fox (Southeast Asia), Frog-eating Bat (Southern Mexico, Central and South America), Long-eared Bat (Canada, U.S., Mexico), Fishing Bat (Mexico, Central, and South America. West Indies), Spotted Bat (Western Canada to Mexico), Dwarf Epauletted Bat (Africa), Little Brown Bat (North America), and Mexican Free-tailed Bat (Southern U.S., Mexico, Central and South America).

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Schoharie, NY 12157
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