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Speleochronos volumes 1-10 (1989-1999) Digital Reprint 1

Speleochronos volumes 1-10 (1989-1999) Digital Reprint 1   

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The enclosed CD-ROM contains a scanned version of the complete publication run of the journal Speleochronos (ISSN 1372-6919), as 10 files in pdf (tiff) format. The publication may be viewed on a computer using (free) Adobe Acrobat software, and printed in part or in whole. Articles are primarily in French, and focus on the use of cave deposits for climate studies, hydrology, and neo-tectonism. The 364 pages include 35 titles such as: • La datation uranium-thorium, written by Y. Quinif • Les conglomérats souterrains - Morphologies, genèse et âge U/Th d’après quelques examples alpins et pyrénéens, written by R. Maire et al. • Contribution of isotope chemistry to the study of climatic and environmental evolution of Monte Campo dei Fiori (Lombardy, Italy), written by A. Uggeierri et al. • Morphologic, crystallographic and isotopic study of an ancient flowstone (grotta di cunturines, dolomites): Implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions, written by S. Frisia et al. • Microsequences de lamines annuelles dans deux stalagmites du massif de Han-Sur-Lesse (Belgique), written by D. Genty et al. • Petrographic evidence of diagenesis in speleothems, written by S. Frisia • Diagenetic replacement of aragonite by aragonite in speleothems: Criteria for its recognition in Botswana and Madagascar, written by L.B. Railsback et al. • Sedimentary recording and dating of seismo-tectonic events by speleothems, written by Y. Quinif and D. Genty Release Date: July 03, 2000 CD only.

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