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Symphonie en sous-sol/ Underground symphony

Symphonie en sous-sol/ Underground symphony   

Price: $145.00 

 By Philippe Crochet and Annie Guiraud. This coffee table book offers a photographic journey into some of the world's most beautiful caves. The eight thematic chapters include a large number of high-quality photographs supplemented by explanatory texts in French and in English. The authors'aim is to share their passion for the underground world and pay tribute to its hidden splendors. Size : 30 cm x 30 cm (11.8 in x 11.8 in). 336 pages , weight : 4.4 lb, includes 365 color photographs. "For decades (Philippe and Annie ) have been producing world class cave images with an elegant marriage of artistic sensitivity and painstaking technique..." (Kevin Downey) "The cave photographs of Philippe Crochet and Annie Guiraud are among the best I have seen. The way they are organized and presented in these pages makes this the best cave photography book I've read." (George Veni)

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