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The Art of Caving - Product Image

The Art of Caving   

Price: $9.95 

Linda Heslop. 1996. 67 illustrations. 50 pp. 11 x 81/2 The Art of Caving is a visual journey into the world of caves and those who explore and map them, through the eyes and ink of artist/illustrator, Linda Hes- lop. The Art of Caving, a coffee table book, is a collection of more than sixty works compiled to take the reader on a journey down to the secret world of caves not accessible to the uninitiated explorer. It provides a window for the reader through which to view the challenges faced by those who map and ex- plore underground. Readers are taken down rope drops, across underground waterfalls, through tortuous passages to vast chambers, to emerge once again into the world of day- light. Heslop's images include caves of Europe, USA, Mexico, and Vancouver Island.

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