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A Quest for the  Secrets of Xibalba - Product Image

A Quest for the Secrets of Xibalba   

Price: $28.00 

Zdenek Motycka, Daniel Hutnan, and Radoslav Husak ZM Production, Czech Republic, 2013, 8 by 9.5 inches, 113 pages plus map, hardbound. This book, heavily illustrated with color photographs, describes the series of expeditions to Quintana Roo from 2003 through 2012 during which Czech cave divers explored and mapped the 75-kilometer-long underwater Sistema K'oox Baal. K'oox Baal is the fourth longest underwater cave in the world, and the longest one for which a real map, not just a line plot, as been drafted. The book includes a color 18-by-22-inch folded map plate showing the system and its forty-four cenote entrances. Included are thirteen illustrated essays on special topics such as equipment and techniques.

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