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A  World  Below:  The Underwater Discovery and  Exploration of Coldwater Cave - Product Image
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A World Below: The Underwater Discovery and Exploration of Coldwater Cave   

Price: $19.00 

By David Jagnow and Steve Barnett. Fifty years ago, two University of Iowa geology students and relatively new NSS members discovered and explored the most spectacular cave in the Upper Midwest--Coldwater Cave. The full story has never been told until now. Our geological detective work to find the cave, our plunge into the unknown through water-filled passages, and what we found in the undiscovered country 200 feet below the surface of northeastern Iowa are recounted in this book. The 54 color photographs and 6 figures capture the first exquisite images of this never-before-seen cave. After diving the quarter-mile underwater entrance, we surveyed 3-1/2 miles up the Mainstream Passage. The cave fought back with water-logged cameras, soggy food, boot-sucking mud, seasonal CO2 and the psychological challenge posed by the underwater entrance. We suffered from hypothermia, got lost underwater, and struggled to sleep on our longest trips. But the magnificent speleothems, fossils, cave flora and fauna, and underground streams and pools we found far overshadowed our discomfort. A World Below documents our 24 trips during 1968-1971 and provides an overview of later developments. Coldwater Cave now has more than 17 miles of surveyed passage and the work forges ahead. 172 pages, softcover.

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