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Bats On The Rocks Quilt (81 by 69 Inches) SOLD   

Price: $475.00 

By Emily Davis, 2021.  This quilt is an homage to bats using a most unusual landscape,  emerging from rocky retreats into a night sky. From Maine to Montana, threatened, endangered and other rarely seen species of bats have been found to be using rocky talus for hibernation or torpor during overwintering and as useful refuges seasonally and during migration. This exciting bat habitat is just being understood as ongoing studies by researchers expand documention of this behavior.  Numerous species of bats across the U.S. are believed to use talus slopes as habitat.  Most notably Eastern Small-footed Bats are known to have a preference for the loose, rocky slopes.  Fabrics with bats and rocky geology merge in pieced blocks and with a star design to create an impression of these fleeting encounters of stones, sky and our beloved bats. Finished with a flowing quilting design to lend movement.

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