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Marian McConnell. 1999. 17 drawings by the author. 173 pp. 6 x 9 Emergence is the story of six women and a young girl who go on an overnight cave trip into Dragons Den, a Virginia cave full of delicate formations, sinuous underground passages, and a 100-foot waterfall to a lower-level stream pas- sage. Danielle and Nicole are the trip leaders. Accompanying them are Sydney, who is also an experienced caver, three who are going caving for the first time: Gabby, photographer; Lynne, mother of three; Melissa, nature lover; and finally Kate, Danielle's daughter, a veteran caver eight years old. After they drop the waterfall pit, three young men enter the cave and acciden- tally cause a rockslide that traps the women in the lower level of the cave. This fast-moving story is about their struggle to escape the cave and, in the process, to find themselves. "It is a book full of adventure that will be devoured by any reader who enjoys a well-told tale . . . . It was simply fantastic." --Meredith H. Johnson, NSS News

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