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In Too Deep - Songs of Caves, Cavers and Caving   

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The Duckbuster's Debut CD

In the summer of 2003, a stalwart party of musician cavers and caver-audience hauled an unusual collection of caving gear to a ledge in Resonance Cave on Vancouver Island. The guitars, the band in Resonancemandolin, flute and harmonica collection were some of the finest, but probably the most unusual equipment ever to disappear from the darkness in the entrance! The ensuing "concert" was remarkable, owing to the skill of the fine musicians and the spectacular acoustics of the site. From these humble subterranean beginnings, the remarkable Dangerous Dick and the Duckbusters were born! With the song-writing expertise of Adrian "The Mole" Duncan and Adam "Boomer" Larusic and the musicianship of "Phreatic" Peter Curtis they were on their way. With the interest and enthusiastic participation of Chris Gordon of Wedgewood Sound Studios, Coquitlam, BC, the debut CD "In Too Deep" was produced for the entertainment of cavers everywhere and the financial benefit of the Canadian Cave Conservancy. The result was a professionally recorded collection of all original "Songs of Caves, Cavers and Caving" which captured the spectrum of moods of our particular obsession. The title says it all..."In Too Deep" - we've all been there, and want to go back!

Play List

On The Surface Once Again - (tune traditional - lyrics by Adrian Duncan) 3:24 a celebration of the way we feel at the end of a long, tough trip

Mole in a Hole - (Adrian Duncan) 2:52 a view of caving from the perspective of an underground virtuoso!!!

It All Sounds Like Bullshit to Me - (Adrian Duncan) 4:10 what, cavers indulge in the telling of tall tales Never!!!

The Cop-out Calypso - (Adrian Duncan/Peter Curtis) 3:05 need an excuse to stay topside?? This'll do ya!!!

Talkin' Cavin' Blues - (Adrian Duncan) 5:35 a motley crew on an ill-conceived caving trip with an explosive ending!!

The Caver's Complaint - (Adrian Duncan) 4:16 therapy for those caving trips when nothing seems to go right...................

Creepy Crawlways - (Adam LaRusic/Adrian Duncan) 4:23 think you've seen some scary caving?!? You ain't seen nuthin' yet!!!

A Caver's Question - (Adrian Duncan) 4:49 how to explain caving to someone who just can't understand?!?

Resonance/Fingal's Cave - (Adrian Duncan/traditional) 3:20 musical reflections of our first performance together in Resonance Cave

The Dying Caver - (tune traditional - lyrics by Adrian Duncan) 3:02 giving the phreatic phinger to the Grim Reaper!

Bottom of the Hole, Startin' Up Again Blues - (Adrian Duncan/Adam LaRusic) 3:34 the problems that we cavers create for ourselves..............

One More Pitch, but She's a Bitch! - (tune traditional - lyrics by Adrian Duncan) 2:35 when the final pitch really seems to be a pitch too far.................


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