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Mama Says, Don't Cave

Mama Says, Don't Cave   

Price: $18.99 

 Ergor Rubreck (Roger Brucker) loves to make you laugh with his zany, unbelievable cave exploring short stories. Explorers will discover their own secret motives hidden from relatives. Ergor has selected his best 73 short stories of a total of 160 written over eleven years for caver newsletters. His ego tops his imagination, restricted only by his motto, "True if interesting." Worldwide adventures will thrill you, even his startling evidence of a paleo flat earth.

Ergor takes you to Iceland, Antarctica, Zanzibar, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Panama (which he bypassed), China, India, and New York. Read these stories aloud with feeling to see your friends snort and hoot. This self-styled wonderful caver is never shy about accepting fees or certificates suitable for framing.

P.O. Box 10
Schoharie, NY 12157
Phone: 518 295 7978