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Tales Of Dirt, Danger, and Darkness - Product Image

Tales Of Dirt, Danger, and Darkness   

Price: $8.95 

Twenty six stories from the twisted mind of Paul Steward takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of hell-filled passages. Paul explores the darkside of caving: from alien encounters under Roswell, to murder and fear in dark, twisting underground passages. Guaranteed to give even the seasoned of cavers the chills. Paul has a story about anything you can possibly imagine that can happen in a cave. About the Author: Paul Steward has been caving and writing for more than 30 years and is past Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Editor for the Central New Jersey Grotto. He is the current Chairman and Editor for the NSS Arts and Letters Section. A member of the New Jersey Cave Conservancy and a member of the Cave Research Foundation. He is also a columnist for the NSS News.

P.O. Box 10
Schoharie, NY 12157
Phone: 518 295 7978