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Under Plowman's Floor - Product Image
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Under Plowman's Floor   

Price: $12.95 

Richard Watson. 2006. 224 pp. $12.95 pb. The story of a man who becomes devoted to cave exploration. We follow him from his first cave trip underground through his metamorphosis into a master caver in charge of directing the exploration of one of the most demanding caves in the world. In his fifties, driven by an obsessive passion, he begins solo caving. Some thirty years after his first cave trip he reaches a goal that make him into a legend. Under Plowman's Floor provides an answer to the eternal question: Why climb that mountain? Why explore that cave? Richard Watson was for more than twenty years a member of a small group of cavers who led the exploration of the Flint Mammoth Cave System in Kentucky, now the world's longest as the result of their efforts. The book peels open the dark spooky world of caving. It portrays with power and precision one man's quest to explore the unknown, to discover not just what lies in the mysterious depths of the earth but of his own heart. Willard Manus, author of Pigskin Rabbi

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