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Undertanding Lava Tubes And Lava Caves - Product Image
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Undertanding Lava Tubes And Lava Caves   

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By Harry Shick. 2008, second edition 2012. 128 pages. For those who have peered into an active lava tube, seeing a molten river flowing beneath their feet leaves an indelible memory. But for those seeking to know more about lava tubes, such limited glimpses result in more questions than answers. If only it were possible to enter an active tube, all would be revealed. Unfortunately, this is not an option. But it is possible to learn about the processes occurring within active lava tubes, by examining the frozen features found in cold lava caves. Understanding Lava Tubes and Lava Caves takes you inside an active lava flow. The two methods of lava tube formation are explained. The various processes responsible for changing the size and shape of a tube, are revealed. You'll learn how air shapes delicate cave features, and changes the color of the rock. You'll be amazed by the incredible diversity of formations found in lava caves, and understand how they form. And finally, you'll discover that not all lava caves, are lava tubes. Other types of lava caves do exist. In addition to this, you are given practical information about lava tube caving, and preservation. And there is a Question section which provides further information. Sections are well illustrated, informative, and interesting, making Understanding Lava Tubes and Lava Caves a must have for anyone wanting to learn about this fascinating environment. The author has devoted several thousand hours of the past 12 years exploring lava caves, assisting in cave surveys, and giving lava tube tours. Today, he primarily guides lava tube tours in Kazumura Cave where he teaches visitors about lava tube geology, while stressing preservation. The book deals with Lava Tube Formation; Processes that alter the size and shape of a lava tube; Air - the Second fluid; Formations and Features; and Other Lava Caves. Appendices include Caving in Lava Caves and Preserving the Cave Environment. The book also includes a Glossary, References and an Index. It is profusely illustrated with diagrams and images.

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