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Archeology of the Mammoth Cave Area

Archeology of the Mammoth Cave Area   

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Edited by Patty Jo Watson. 1997. 49 b/w photos, 73 figures, 54 tables, foldout Mammoth Cave map, circa 1908. 255 pp. 7 x 10 Cavers and archeologists alike will welcome the reprinting of this classic volume presenting results from the first decade of archeological research in the world's longest cave in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. This book established dark-zone archeology as an essential source of infor- mation on prehistoric lifeways in Eastern North America, and still provides the most detailed evidence available for indigenous, pre-maize agriculture and diet 1,500 years before European contact. "This profusely illustrated book contains 31 chapters arranged in six parts dealing with surface work in Mammoth Cave National Park, Salts Cave archaeol- ogy, Mammoth Cave archaeology, aboriginal use of other caves in the National Park area, and archaeology in Wyandotte Cave, Indiana. Watson concisely sums it all up in chapters on the prehistoric miners and horticulturists of Mam- moth Cave area . . . . one of the most exciting frontiers of Eastern Woodlands archaeology." --Southeastern Archaeology

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