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Between Deserts and Forests - Journey into the caves of Mexico OUT OF STOCK - Product Image
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Between Deserts and Forests - Journey into the caves of Mexico OUT OF STOCK   

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In 2009 La Venta published "Between Deserts and Forests - Journey into the caves of Mexico", edited by Corrado Conca, Antonio De Vivo, Leonardo Piccini, Giuseppe Savino, entirely dedicated to the explorations carried out by the association in this thousand-faceted country. There is a Mexico made up of magnificent beaches, snowy volcanoes, huge canyons, endless deserts; and there is another fact of cities lost in the forests, of immense buildings erected by past cultures. But there is still another, more hidden, which extends into the subsoil of certain deserts, of certain ruined cities, of certain canyons, and is its true hidden face: it is the Mexico of the caves. The astonishing landscape and cultural variety of this country is mirrored in its underground world, which includes some of the deepest caves in the world - over 1000 m -, others that are the largest ever explored underwater - over 200 km submerged -, others crossed by huge rivers, other vast and tropical, others unique from a biological point of view, other absolute "unicums", such as the Cueva de los Cristales. And to all this multifacetedness of the physical dimension of the caves, their archaeological interest often overlaps because, far from considering them infernal places, pre-Colombian cultures have included them in their religious and practical world, and have often transformed them into archaeological deposits, doors just ajar of immense archives of the past. The speleologists of our association have been dedicated to the explorations of these caves for over thirty years, and have gone to places that were generally far from not only tourism, but precisely from human attendance. And so they made very important archaeological explorations and discoveries, but above all they built many stories of interactions between men and the underworld that, in a sense, continue those of the ancients who in those dark places have left infinite traces. In this way, a complex fabric of stories and geographies has been formed, still unfinished: this book gives a first overall description. One hundred and fifty-six pages full of color photos, maps, reliefs, insights and narrations make this volume a reference text for all those who wish to undertake research work in Central America. Published in three versions, Italian, English and Spanish.

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