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Booker The Library Bat: The New Guard

Booker The Library Bat: The New Guard   

Price: $17.99 

The launch of a picture book series about the adventures of a book-loving bat and his buddies as they patrol and protect their library home. Hardcover, 32 PP.

Booker the bat has completed his training and he's excited to report for duty as the newest guard at the Joanina Library in Coimbra, Portugal. His job is to fly through the stacks at night, gobbling down the bugs that are in turn eating the 200,000 antique leather books. It's the perfect job for Booker, because he loves to read. And now he's saving books!

There's only one problem: how will he fit in with the other guards? They're so cool and confident, and what if they don't like him? But when Booker spots a human attempting to steal pages from one of the valuable books, he summons his courage, (echo)locates the other bat guards, and swoops in with a plan to save the day!

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