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Cave Dweller Figurine Set

Cave Dweller Figurine Set   

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  • While it may be hard to study creatures in a dark cave, but these glowing critters make it easy! Including a glow in the dark crayfish, crab, spider, scorpion, catfish, millipede, olm, and eel, this collection of cave dwellers gives you luminescent insight into some common cave denizens.
  • Characteristics: Turn your room into a glowing grotto with these beautiful figurines. Vibrantly colored and professionally hand painted, these models capture the nature and essence of these creatures. The scorpion was spooked by something and is taking a defensive posture, while the spider has perked up, sensing prey in the area.
  •  8 figurines of species that are commonly found in caves (although not usually quite so radiant) that range from 1.25 to 3.75 inches tall. Including the snow white Olm salamander with its cherry red sensory organs and the translucent icy blue crayfish, these figurines are just as fun to look at as they are to play with.

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