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Cave Passages: Roaming the Underground Wilderness

Cave Passages: Roaming the Underground Wilderness   

Price: $12.00 

By Michael Ray Taylor. 1996. Hb. 286 pp. From a 1,000-foot-deep sinkhole in Mexico (where a seasoned diver drowned while the author watched in horror) to Wyoming's aptly named Great Crawl of Death, Michael Ray Taylor takes readers to some of the world's deepest and most treacherous caves. And in this thrilling and elegantly written book, he makes it abundantly clear why caving has become an addiction for thousands of enthusiasts.Whether he is inching his way through the dreaded Crisco Crack or holding his nose against the potent fragrance of bats in Jamaica's Cockpits, Taylor is the best guide imaginable. He balances astute scientific reportage with humor -- and he conveys the sport's allure so infectiously that anyone who reads Cave Passages will want to strap on a carbide lamp and clamber down after him.

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