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Cave Post Offices OUT OF STOCK

Cave Post Offices OUT OF STOCK   

Price: $29.95 

Thomas Lera. 2011 151 color photos 135 pp. 7 x 10. PB. Cave Post Offices takes a look at towns named after a cave, cavern, or grotto, and their post offices. Where was the town located? From what was their name derived? When did the town's post office come into existence, and is it still operating? What types of postmarks and cancellations were used? These questions and more are answered. The first chapter is a primer on the various types of postmarks and cancellations used by postmasters, from the early manuscript cancel, to the circle date cancel, to the slogan cancel promoting the town and the cave. Subsequent chapters contain detail listings, state by state, of towns and post offices with "cave, cavern, or grotto" in their name. Examples of postmarks and cancellations are illustrated, and an extensive reference list is included. Historians will find this book as comprehensive as current research allows. It provides a different look into a communication medium that helped shape our nation from the mid-19th century to today. It will become the guidebook to a new hobby--speleophilately.

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