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Huautla: Thirty Years in One of the  World's Deepest Caves

Huautla: Thirty Years in One of the World's Deepest Caves   

Price: $24.95 

C. William Steele. 2009. 23 color, 88 b/w photos. 269 pp. 6 x 9, hardbound. The story of the exploration of a vast and very deep cave system near the town of Huautla de Jimenez, Oaxaca, Mexico, approximately 200 miles southeast of Mexico City. Since the mid-1970s, and continuing to the present day, American speleologists have organized expedition after expedition to explore, map, and study these caves. Along the way it was a grand adventure and many extreme incidents are related in this book, including being trapped underground, the involvement of the Cold War, accidents, attempted murder of cavers by the townspeople, floods in the cave, the eventual death of a project member, and moments of exciting exploration when the wonder of the Huautla caves were discovered for the first time. “. . . a story told by a person who participated in one of the greatest adventures in the world of speleology. Ron Kerbo, NSS News

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