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Murder Hole

Murder Hole   

Price: $25.00 

Catawba Murder Hole Cave in Botetourt County, Virginia is a unique place of danger and beauty. Caver, landowner, and artist, Marian McConnell shares this fascinating collection of legends, history of its early explorers, and stories from those who survived accidents in its dark depths.

This quality 8-1/2 x 11" book contains over 150 pages of historical and current photographs, maps, artwork, stories, and more. Chapters include: Legends of Murder Hole; Death, Injuries, Rescues and Incidents; Caves in Virginia; Early Explorers; A Trip into Murder Hole; Mysteries; plus appendices on Safety, Conservation, and a Chronology of Trips from the almost 20 years Marian and Dan McConnell have owned the cave.

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