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The Ballad of Pete Hauer: It Was Caves that Pete Loved the Best (Autographed) - Product Image

The Ballad of Pete Hauer: It Was Caves that Pete Loved the Best (Autographed)   

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Autographed by author Roland Vinyard. 273 pages, paperback. 2020. We all knew Pete Hauer. With a foot solidly planted in two unique communities, cave explorers and hippie homesteaders, he was a gentle Pacifist, yet he supposedly murdered a young man he barely knew, an unpremeditated killing, with no discernible motive. In his informal will, he admitted to it. This solved the case for the police, but for everyone else, as many doors were opened as closed. Before Pete's remains were found, the case involved witches, drugs, caves, and homosexuality-and the FBI's search had spread across the US. That was in 1975; weird things started to happen as strange people, witches, moved into this quiet rural West Virginia county. Pete's livestock were brutally slaughtered. Emotions skyrocketed. As we tried to make sense of the events, pet theories formed, each with drawbacks, and we still wrangle over "What really happened?"

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