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Yochib: The River Cave - Product Image

Yochib: The River Cave   

Price: $10.95 

C. William Steele. 1985. 41 b/w photos, 15 drawings, 8 maps. 164 pp. 73/4 x 101/4 This is the gripping account of the history and exploration of Mexico's most dangerous and challenging river cave, Sumidero Yochib, located beneath a re- mote valley in the highlands of Chiapas, southern Mexico. The exploration took place from the spring of 1974 through the spring of 1977, and was possible only during a few dry months each winter and spring. It is the story of the almost unbelievable exploits of Steele and his companions while they explored a cave prone to frequent flooding that contains almost two dozen sheer drops as much as forty-five meters deep. Well-drafted maps in each chapter guide the reader through the action taking place, whether it is the near drowning of team members, the horror of being trapped in a flooded cave, or the thrill of being the first one down a waterfall. "It is a precious slice out of speleological history." --Bill Stone, coauthor of Beyond the Deep: The Deadly Descent into the World's Most Treacherous Cave

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